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Whip It Good

whip_it_goodDrew Barrymore has stepped behind the camera and donned a director's hat for this fall's roller derby film "Whip It." The story takes place in small town Texas and chronicles the adventures of a teenage girl ("Juno"'s Ellen Page) who quits competing in beauty pageants in order to join the rough-and-tumble world of roller derby, a full-contact, high-speed sport.

The movie marks Barrymore's first foray into directing, but she's not giving up acting; she'll be seen next year in "Going the Distance," a romantic comedy about a long distance relationship. Justin Long (aka Mac in the Mac vs PC ads) plays her paramour. In the meantime, "Whip It" hits theaters October 2.

Next Stop: Cougar Town

Couteney_CoxEver wondered when you'd see Courteney Cox on TV again? If you missed the "Friend" in FX's short-lived, somewhat outrageous tabloid show "Dirt," which concluded last year, you can find Cox back on network TV this month.

She stars in and executive produces "Cougar Town," a comedy drama about a divorced woman who decides to start dating again. You probably guessed by the title of the show that she finds herself dating younger men. Complicating matters is the fact that she has a teenage son. Awkward!

The show comes to us from Bill Lawrence, creator of "Scrubs," and debuts September 23 on ABC.

Four Times Lucky

DeppIf you're a fan of "Mission: Impossible" or "Pirates of the Caribbean," take note: both action-adventure series are gearing up for fourth films. And yes, Johnny Depp will be reprising his role as Jack Sparrow.

Usually by this point, sequels go straight to DVD. Not that I'm knocking the "Bring it On" or "Cutting Edge" franchises, which have done quite well in that category and are a guilty pleasure for many okay, me ;)

However, the global successes of "Pirates" and "Mission" have changed the game. Both series continue to perform strongly with built-in audiences.


Seinfeld Tribute to Cosby

cosbyRemember when Thursday nights meant "The Cosby Show," "Cheers," "Seinfeld" or "Friends" on TV? Re-live the glory days on November 4th when PBS broadcasts a tribute to Bill Cosby. The iconic comedian (now 72 years old) is scheduled to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at the Kennedy Center. He'll be honored by his TV wife, Phylicia Rashad, as well as by funnymen Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock.




Happy viewing!


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