Melt Magazine and Acceleration's Fitness Challenge

Starring Yuko Yamane


Hi, my name is Yuko and I am going to change my lifestyle.

I hope you help support me through this challenging journey.

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Yuko Yamane has taken on the challenge of changing her lifestyle. Yuko will be working with Steve Jordan and his Acceleration Studio. With Steve's assistance she will be following his Acceleration - Power Plate program and for the next couple of months we will be following Yuko through this journey.

Yuko's goal is to become more fit, more active, to feel better inside and to replace some of her old "bad" habits with some new healthy ones. We feel this is the best attitude to have to achieve a lifestyle change. We hope this will help to inspire any of you that are looking to make a lifestyle change of your own.

We will post photos and video of Yuko's progress periodically, as we follow her through this journey of achievement.

To offer words of encouragement to Yuko or to tell us your stories click here.

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Our third meeting with Yuko:Posted 8/25/09
We had the pleasure of meeting with Yuko a couple of days ago. She looks amazing. She was just glowing. She is stronger and states she has gone down by 3 or 4 dress sizes! Congratulations Yuko, you are truly inspiring! check out these new pix.

Yuko YamaneYuko Yamane
Yuko YamaneYuko YamaneYuko Yamane


Our second meeting with Yuko: Posted 7/20/09
Yuko has been making tremendous progress! She had to take a week off from working out because of a cold, but she recovered quickly and was back on the Power Plate working with Steve the following week. We met up with Yuko and Steve to grab a few pix. She told us that her overall energy level was much higher and that she has even begun hiking on a regular basis!

Check out these pix from our last session with Yuko and Steve. It looks they are both having a great time!

Yuko YamaneYuko Yamane

Yuko Yamaneyuko yamane

Yuko YamaneYuko yamane
You go Yuko!! To send Yuko your comments and words of encouragement! Click Here
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Our first meeting with Yuko: Posted 7/3/09

Yuko YamaneMelt: What was or is your greatest fear or challenge to overcome when it comes to the thought of changing you lifestyle?

Yuko: Finding new social outlets. For the longest time, my only social outlet has been going out to bars and clubs, which meant drinking and late-night drunk eating.

Melt: What has changed in you that has made you want to make a change?

Yuko: None of my clothes fit me all!! I couldn't even squeeze into them! Plus, my overall energy was lethargic and when I danced, I felt heavy. Oh, and I saw my exboyfriend started dating a girl I know, but am not too fond of. It just really clicked in me that enough is enough. I'm obviously a stress eater, but it got to a point where it was becoming unhealthy for me.

Melt: Do you have any vices or favorite outlets that will be giving up?

Yuko YamaneYuko: I love going to bars and drinking. And I smoke when I drink. And eating late at night helps me fall asleep sometimes...which is def a vice...not nice. Haha

Melt: Have you ever done an exercise program before now?

Yuko: This is my first exercise program with a professional trainer. Its refreshing to have a consistent program to rely on.

Melt: What attracted you to Steve -- don't say his looks.. okay you can, if it is true.:-) -- and his Acceleration program?

Yuko: Dealmakers: twice a week, 30 minute sessions. I work 7 days a week and at times, ten hours a day so this was perfect - I could work out during my break...and his looks ;)

Yuko Yamane

Due to the great response, Steve Jordan is extending his offer on his Acceleration and Power Plate program for Melt readers. Mention Melt when calling and receive your first semi-private session for the amazing price of $20. Then receive up to 3 more sessions for only $30 each. **offer expires October 31st.**



I think it is great you are working out to improve your overall health and well-being. Doesn't it feel great?!! Keep up the great work!! You are a beautiful woman and look amazing! Best of luck to you!
WOW, you look GREAT!! keep up the good work!
Deb .
Congrats Yuko for making changes.  I went through that about a year ago, I lost 37 pounds and it is the best thing I have ever done.  I eat better, feel better, my energy level is so much higher.  good luck to you!
I just wanted to say I wish you all the best. I am also in the process of losing weight. I find when I feel discouraged that is best just sit, breath and take a moment to focus on what I want to look and feel like.  This helps to get me through those moments. Good Luck!!
Lisa M.

Thank you for your article on Power Plate! I'm melting (at least the cellulite is) and I am happy to see it go.....3 sessions and counting! I am now the BIGest fan! Seriously, if you are ready, really ready to actually see a change in your health, wellness and fitness in 30 minutes, I suggest you make your way to Westwood one day!