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coach_nedaCoach Neda offers energetic, challenging, inspirational and totally fun workouts that reach out to people in more ways than one. One of her students said, " When I am in her class, I am always challenged and my body might feel like I can't go on, but the energy of coach Neda, along with her ability to keep us smiling during the workout, somehow inspires me to get through it. And after, I always feel proud of myself for going the extra mile, all the while having fun doing it".

With a high school background in swimming and cheerleading (she was team captain) as well as a fourteen year career in marketing and sales, Coach Neda, also a devoted mother of four, was recently named winner of the Nation's Best Fitness Professionals Award. She is a photo model who has been seen in magazines, billboards, and on runways and an endurance athlete who holds more degrees in the areas of physical fitness and nutrition than you could shake a stick at. But these are not the reasons people love taking her classes or privately training with her.


coach_neda"Every coach I ever had told me I was a gifted athlete, but most of all, my gift was the love and passion I had for people," Coach Neda told me. "I'm not one of those trainers you come to as a quick fix... I want to help people with changing life-styles. I have been called the Mother Theresa of trainers. I actually care to see people happy and healthy!"



coach_nedaCoach Neda also believes it's her never ending energy and her ability to "make you laugh", that people love the most about her as well the fact that she always changes up her routines. "I believe in always challenging your mind and body and never doing the same thing twice." She creates her workouts using running, spinning, core work, functional conditioning, weight resistance, body weight training, yoga, and dance, and several other disciplines.


Enjoying a special closeness with her first priority, her family (her oldest son and husband, also an endurance athlete, take her classes daily), Coach Neda still finds time to help make other trainers better while acting as mentor, advisor, and motivator to her many clients. "I Feel that I'm a role model to so many people each day," she stated. "When I train people, I train them "inside out. I don't need recognition other than results I see in people. Not just muscles that pop out, but actually psychological changes. Liking themselves more and feeling better about themselves. I'm known as a tough trainer, but it's all out of love."


When asked about her plans for the future, Coach Neda said, "I created class called Jam Juicy Athletic Moves, inspired by Zumba. When my youngest, who is two, starts school, I will start to work on my DVD's. I am also part of many charity events. I teach classes at kids events, charity events, neighborhood evens and so forth. Giving back to me is just the way of life. I don't feel as if I'm doing a favor. I know my purpose here is to share my energy."


Gym / Studio Affiliation: Spectrum Clubs For Private rates: go to www.ifitnessdiva.com or call for appointment: 818-585-2429