Feng Shui for All Age Groups

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The majority of my clients are baby boomers, those born between the years 1944-1964. This means people who are currently between 45 and 65 years of age. The next demographic who request my services are in their thirties to mid-forties. But Feng Shui is relevant and useful to people of ALL ages, including both ends of the spectrum: the very young and the very old.

Babies and small children can spend nearly half their lives in their bedrooms, sleeping and playing. Their bedroom is very important in influencing their health, their budding personalities and their academic performance. As well, children can be in bedrooms that help or hinder their creative potential and their relationships with other people. I’ve seen children who had thyroid problems, other health issues, depression and alienation, drug use and a whole host of circumstances that were mirrored in the Feng Shui predicament of their bedrooms. Like adults, children can be sleeping in directions that either drain them or energize them. They can have Feng Shui energies in their bedrooms which affect their abilities in school and sports, much like an adult in the work world. Positioning of beds, desks and computers is as important in a child’s room as an adult’s personal space or office.

Senior citizens can benefit from Feng Shui balance in their homes as well. One of the biggest concerns with older people is that their homes not become too “yin.” In the balance of Yin and Yang environments, “yin” energies include spaces that are too dark, too cold, too damp, too cluttered and not enough ventilation or circulation of air currents.

Specific health problems can be aggravated or tempered by unseen influences in every room in a house, particularly the bedroom. Feng Shui can even predict if and when a person might have a surgery. The timing of a non-emergency surgical procedure can affect the outcome and how a person sleeps can influence the speed of recovery.

With every passing generation, teenagers have to make more and more adult-type decisions sooner in life. Addiction to the Internet is just one facet of modern living that can begin in the teen years with all kinds of social ramifications. Teenagers are often challenging people to work with because their personalities and identities can be really wrapped up in their bedroom décor, which is like a studio apartment for them. Once a client allowed her teenage son to sit in on the consultation and he told me directly that he wanted to paint the walls in his bedroom black. It just so happened that his room needed the elements of metal and water so we struck a compromise by his agreeing to paint only one wall black, another grey and the others white. In Feng Shui color therapy, white and grey are weak manifestations of metal and black vibrates a weak manifestation of water.

Because we change so much from childhood through adulthood, there are no hard and fast rules which would apply to every person at any stage in life. For example, I have taught hundreds of classes where we discuss how large mirrors in a bedroom can cause sleep problems, mostly for the very young and very old. But teenagers can often sleep in the most chaotic environments without appearing bothered at all. Young children can often do fine in bedrooms with very bright colors, whereas most adults prefer soothing, softer shades for their bedrooms, to help invoke relaxation and to de-stress. When couples are trying to get pregnant, the Feng Shui of a house can have a big impact on whether that is inherently easy or becomes a problem to solve. Other rites of passage, such as career changes and promotions, can be enhanced with a balanced space. Feng Shui comes from a time and culture when multi-generational families would all live under the same roof, so it was and is essential to always factor in the age and life status of whoever is using or sharing a space with others.

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