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Fuel Efficient Cars

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With gas prices on the rise once again, it is becoming more of a priority for "green minded" people to invest in a car that doesn't feel like its guzzling the contents of their bank account every week at the pump. As the recession forces some people to think of ways to save money by getting more for less, we thought it would be helpful to list the most fuel efficient automobiles currently on the market. Short of buying a diesel engine car that can be converted to run on used vegetable oil (like my '83 Mercedes), the cars on this list are some of the best gasoline-powered to cut down on both polluting emissions and consumer cost, whatever your needs may be.

Toyota Prius

City = 48

Highway = 45



Smart Car: Convertible and Coupe Automatic
(two seater)

City = 33

Highway = 41



Pontiac Solstice Manual
(two seater)

City = 19

Highway = 28



Nissan Versa Manual (compact)

City = 26

Highway = 31


MINI Cooper Manual

City = 28

Highway = 37


Toyota Yaris Manual

City = 29

Highway = 36


Honda Civic Hybrid Automatic (compact)

City = 40

Highway = 45

Volkswagen Jetta Manual (compact)

City = 30

Highway = 41


Hyundai Sonata Automatic (mid-size)

City = 22

Highway = 32


Ford Escape Hybrid

City = 34

Highway = 31