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Looking for the next greatest thing in health and fitness? Then go to Acceleration and let Steve Jordan introduce you to the Power Plate.  It utilizes cutting edge technology that applies full body vibration to accelerate development.

After gaining full recovery at nineteen years old from a near-fatal accident thirteen years ago via three years of rehab, reconstructive, and brain surgery, Jordan, a thirteen year fitness expert, re-evaluated his views on fitness. "It was no longer for aesthetics and sports performance," says Jordan, a former college athlete. "It was now for survival and bringing myself back to where I wanted to be. So fitness became a lifestyle for me."

After enjoying success as a top trainer in both Washington D.C. training Senators at the White House and in New York at the Sports Club L.A., Jordan moved to Los Angeles where he earned a degree at the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NSAM), where he eventually taught there for two years. Jordan worked with many professional athletes and celebrities, and then decided to open up his own business in June of 2008, utilizing the Power Plate, which he first encountered at NASM and then again via celebrity client Madonna. Within a year, he has attracted many clients including Dustin Hoffman and Ricki Lake.

In a nutshell, the Power Plate is a unique tool to the mainstream in that it vibrates in three planes (side to side, up and down, back and forth) which causes muscles to contract involuntarily 25-50 times per second to stabilize while someone performs exercises upon it. This increases the force of gravity on the body 6 fold ,  much in the same way in which muscles are loaded with extra weight in resistance training; the exception is that with the Power Plate, the workout is low impact, which means there is less chance of injury and reduced wear and tear of the body. It helps improve blood circulation, strengthen bone mineral density, reduce recovery time for injuries, reduce cellulite, and aid in lymphatic drainage and detoxification.  "You can get the same results from a twenty-five minute workout as you would in a fifty minute one," says Jordan. "Also, part of the attraction to it is just that it feels good."

Jordan's plans for the future include creating a global brand via a web site where people can pay to download exercise programs for working on the Power Plate. He also has started organizing retreats to health spas, such as the one at the Sandos Caracol Eco Resort and Spa in Mexico from June 26 th - July 2nd. Using what he calls "the three pillars of success: motivation, inspiration, and education," Jordan offers one on one and semi-private (2 or 3) training, and massage therapy utilizing a vibrating bed and a percussive instrument called the deep muscle stimulator in an effort to "bridge the gap between physical therapy and fitness." Jordan also offers the Posture Perfect Program, which helps clients correct the misalignment of rounded shoulders and sway back, for example.

With all that he offers, Jordan is excited about his continuing mission to change the world and people's attitudes about fitness one client at a time. "Its not just about exercise and diet. It's a lifestyle."

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Thank you for your article on Power Plate! I'm melting (at least the cellulite is) and I am happy to see it go.....3 sessions and counting! I am now the BIGest fan! Seriously, if you are ready, really ready to actually see a change in your health, wellness and fitness in 30 minutes, I suggest you make your way to Westwood one day!



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