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Your Roots Are Showing

by Elise Chidley's

Lizzie Buckley's seemingly idyllic life gets a dose of reality when she accidentally sends an email to her husband that was intended for her sister. It's one heck of an email, and her husband takes instant umbrage. With the word ?divorce? echoing in her ears, Lizzie finds herself forced to make a fresh start as a single mom in a rented house in a strange town.

Your Roots Are Showing is the very real story of a young woman faced with the reality of having to change her life. In a desperate attempt to reinvent herself, she takes up running, loses weight, and manages to finish writing a children's book. Even a temporary distraction created by an attractive gardener doesn't help her regain her sense of self-worth or stop her wondering whether James might not have left her if she had only been thinner, better dressed and as well-bred as her upper-crust mother-in-law, Your Roots Are Showing is an excellent character-driven story that is inspiring, humorous and insightful, with each person contributing in their own unique way towards helping Lizzie come to realize that she and James can only find their way back to each other when she is strong enough to cope on her own.

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