Feng Shui Relationship Scenarios

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Much has been written about "love corners" and "marriage corners" in the pop culture version of Feng Shui. There is a notion that you can pay homage to a certain part of your house and that this will attract love and romance to you. While this is not completely false, it is certainly a much more generic and simplified way of looking at how our environment influences us. In fact, this notion that you can set up an altar with images of love might imply that the house is a "blank slate" until you do something intentionally with it. Quite the contrary. The house contains energies fields which were created at the time of construction. These non-obvious energies can influence occupants, usually without them knowing it, and the trickle down affect can be very specific circumstances regarding relationships.

The job of a Feng Shui consultant is to protect their client from these potential unseen dangers, and there are plenty of them. There are house types which can cause loneliness, depression or isolation. There are also locations in a house that can trigger gossip or arguments. There are energies which can promote infidelity or betrayal and these are just some of the Feng Shui influences that can hinder finding a relationship or maintaining one.

Every house has some negative or undermining aspects, but the beauty of Feng Shui is that there are remedies for many of these relationship scenarios. A big part of the solutions involve something called Five Element Theory. By adding a natural, real element to a room, the energies are usually balanced so that the negative predictions will not come to pass, will abate or be much less severe.

People generally find it amazing that something like a red piece of furniture (fire) or a wrought iron table (metal) could change a person's destiny. Firstly, you have to spend a lot of time in a room for it to have a noticeable impact. This is why so much emphasis is placed on bedrooms, since we spend a third of our lives there.

Next, the very contents of a room, via furnishings or art work, along with the room's dimensions, can direct the flow of chi in a precise way. Discovering what is going on in a room is not a psychic talent. It has to do with defined calculations which can be learned. Adding or removing certain elements (like a water fountain or a live plant) can change the magnetic field of the room which reveals the relationship scenario. Sometimes it can seem magical and dramatic however. Once I had a client who confirmed that consistent with using a beautiful maroon bed cover, that her fiancÚ called the engagement off. There is nothing good or bad about red color (fire). But in her case, adding fire to her bedroom was contributing to energies related to loneliness and separation. I requested that she remove the red bed spread as soon as possible and exchange it for a white bed cover. She also needed a lot of metal in her room so she brought in fifty pounds of metal weights to place in the corner. Within a couple weeks the engagement was back on. This was particularly rewarding, to see how both she and her boyfriend (who did not live with her), were influenced by the Feng Shui energies of her bedroom.

Specific to 2009, there are energies in every single sector of your house which impact your personal relationships. You need to work with a to-scale floor plan and know for sure the correct orientation of your house in order to benefit from the chart below. You can get further instruction on how to draw a floor plan and take a compass reading from my published materials, available on my website. If you already know your floor plan well, you can consider these remedies for the areas below for 2009 only:

Location 2009 Influence Remedy
North Arguments, pain Metal (30 or more pounds)
Northeast Gossip, bickering Fire (a lot of red color)
East Betrayal, deception Water (a fountain)
Southeast Happiness, engagements Fire( to enhance the good)
South New romance or infidelity Water enhances
Southwest Power struggles water
West Loneliness, separation metal
Northwest Abundance, affluence No remedy needed

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