by Stacy Ekstrand

Dear Coach

I have been having trouble losing weight. I am currently at 148lbs and I would like to weigh 130lbs again. I keep saying this but I am not losing the weight. Do you have any suggestions? T.A.

Hello T.A.,

Thank you for your inquiry. I would love to share some ideas with you to put structure behind your project so that it may inspire you and keep you on track. I will share some key points in project design you may apply to your weight loss project. There is far more to contribute on this matter than can be captured in one article however it is a great starting point!

The first consideration is to see your doctor, (if you haven't in the last year) to have a physical with blood work taken. In this way you can make sure you don't have a medical reason for problems losing the weight (ex. thyroid problems). Also, you can hear any limitations your doctor may provide regarding your exercise routine and you may want to consider getting a referral from him/her to visit the nutritionist.

Next you may want to consider losing only 2 lbs. per week, (run this by your doctor), most doctors will tell you it is within a healthy range of losing weight up to 2 lbs. per week. With that in mind, if you were to lose 18lbs. as you said you wanted, it would take you 9 weeks, losing 2 lbs. per week. So if you started Monday July 5th2004, by Monday Sept. 6th, you will have reached your goal. You would start by weighing yourself on July5th and losing 2 lbs that week and each week until Sept.6th.

Next is to write, then later record on tape, a detailed Vision of what life will be like when you complete your goal. You will want to imagine - there you are September 6th at 130lbs! You will want to write in detail for at least 1 entire page, how you would be feeling on that day, what life will be like, include all your senses (what you'll be hearing, seeing, smelling, touching, tasting), who you will be being (sexy and disciplined perhaps) and what you will be doing. After you have written it in a way that inspires you, record yourself saying it on tape and listen to it regularly.

After establishing your Vision, make a list of the Skills you currently possess to assist you with completing your goal. Then make a list of Resources you have (people, materials, places) that could support you in accomplishing your goal. It is useful to refer back to these lists throughout your project so you can ensure you are making use of all that is available to you for support and structure.

A Results plan is important to complete next, it is a way of keeping track of where you are and what you are declaring for yourself. Consider starting from the future and working your way back, that would look like 130lbs on Mon. Sept.6th, 132lbs. on Mon. Aug. 30th, 134lbs Aug.23rd and so on up to your starting day of July5th. Next to each result, list a reward you will provide yourself when completing on that goal. ( It is important to follow through with the reward when you hit your target result.) You will want to post your Result Plan where you can refer to it.

I invite you to then create an Action plan. This is the steps/actions necessary to complete on the first result. For example, you would ask yourself and list out what steps you need to take to lose the first 2 lbs in the week of July 5th. Next to each action, list out a reward you will give yourself for the completion of each action. After you reach your first result, create an action plan for your next result (next 2 lbs), and so on.

For each item on your Result and Action Plan you will want to include a by when date it will be completed and put these dates in your calendar along with what you will reward yourself with for completing on them.

This is a great structure for a project. If you are having trouble sticking to your action plan or creating your result, consider referring to your Resource and Skills list for support and to get you back on track. It does require you to commit a short period of time to put it together (can take less than ½ hour) but can be well worth it! Posting it where you can see it will call you into action.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your concern. I hope that you find value for yourself in the feedback.



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* Stacy Ekstrand, L.C.S.W., C.P.C.
    *Stacy is a licensed psychotherapist and is a Certified Professional Coach. As an Ontological Coach, she works with people to obtain an extraordinary life by their design. Some examples of her clients include; a seven time Emmy award winner who is working to put a television show on the air, a computer business owner looking to increase his capacity to be in an extraordinary relationship, an HR Administrator at a major corporation wanting to develop his coaching skills, a female business owner wanting to produce a book, an insurance salesman wanting to save his marriage and increase his business/income, an art teacher wanting to enjoy her job more often.
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