Although one of the most anticipated times of the year, the holidays can produce a time filled with anxiety, exhaustion, overindulgence and depression. Crystals can offer a remedy to these ailments, as well as, provide a better sense of well-being, enlightenment and financial gain. Five crystals that can assist with this are Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Amber, Imperial Topaz and Citrine.



        Smokey Quartz is a translucent grayish/brown quartz. It’s colors range from a light smoke to an almost black color. It can assist in helping you get through your holiday shopping and running around by stimulating your energy, while keeping you grounded and not allowing you to get overwhelmed by the events around you. It is known as the “anti-stress” stone. It has a relaxing effect facilitating clearing the mind of worry. Another advantage during this shopping season is that it will give relief to your aching back after carrying all those gifts around the mall. For strength wear it on a chain or a pendant. For pain, lie it directly on the afflicted area. For stress put the crystals in your hand and breathe. A nice gift would be a beautiful Smokey crystal to keep in your purse or pocket for those stressful times.



        Amethyst is a beautiful violet crystal. Its name is derived from the Greek “amethustos” meaning “non-inebriated.” Given our tendency to overindulge at this time of year, amethyst’s sobering affect will keep us in check. It also will take care of those tension headaches and hangovers. Just gently rub it on your temples for relief for a few minutes. It is a stone known for encouraging spiritual wakefulness. It is excellent for meditation and helps quiet the mind and find inner peace. At this time of year we are reminded of our personal losses. Amethyst assists in healing sadness and grief allowing us to come to terms with our loss. It is excellent for nervous complaints, lung disease and intestinal troubles. A nice gift would be a collection of amethyst clusters. It makes a beautiful decoration for a room while transforming the climate of the room into a more spiritual environment.



        Amber is the fossilized resin of conifer trees. It is a honey-colored stone, which has been used for centuries for stomach pain and respiratory diseases. It is, however, considered to be “the stone of happiness”, encouraging a sunny disposition. During these days we can all use the good luck and happiness it is said to bestow. It also is known to be the source of easily obtained success. Wearing or carrying the stone is said to make the wearer peace-loving and trusting. A gift of an Amber bracelet or necklace would put a smile on anyone’s face.



        The sunny Citrine crystal might be just what you need after spending all your money on presents. It not only attracts money to you, but also will help you maintain a state of wealth. It is known as the “merchant’s stone.” By placing a cluster or crystal in the cash box it is said to produce more income for the merchant. It also bestows “joi de vivre” assisting us to overcome a common affliction of these holidays ¾ depression. It is said to free you from oppressive influences, giving you the ability to confront your demons and to understand and overcome them. Physically citrine is an excellent aid to digestion. It is said to not only encourage the workings of the stomach, spleen and pancreas, but it is said to alleviate diabetes in its early stages. A Citrine cluster would make an excellent gift for your boss.



        A stone of royalty, Imperial Topaz was considered by the ancients to have been a stone of the Sun because of its fiery orange color. Truly a beautiful stone, it would be a perfect gift representing the season. It gives the wearer the ability to be big-hearted and generous, while protecting them from greed. It also encourages self-realization and institutes faith. The wearer’s self-confidence and charisma is also said to be strengthened, as well as the ability to strive for fame and recognition. It assists in overcoming apparent limitations while still remaining realistic. Physically, it helps with states of nervous exhaustion, strengthens the eyes and heals the lungs. It fortifies the nerves and also activates the metabolism. A gift of an Imperial Topaz necklace or ring would make anyone feel like royalty.



        December has two birthstones, Turquoise and Zircon

        Turquoise, a beautiful blue stone, balances mood swings, gives greater awareness within ourselves, encourages good intuition, alleviates pain, cramps and is an anti-inflammatory. A gift of a beautiful Turquoise belt buckle or bracelet would be a gift of serenity.
Zircon comes in a variety of colors, red, yellow, orange, brown and green. It is the “stone of virtue.” It is said to give you the ability to deal with your existence, overcoming loss, pain and fear and stimulating you to re-evaluate things in life and to shed material things. It is excellent for healing the emotions, the liver and alleviating pains and cramps. A gift of Zircon earrings or a ring would be a compliment to anyone receiving it.

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