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ExerciseTV is now on Twitter. Unfamiliar with Twitter? Twitter is the new social network phenomenon. If you have heard of or maybe even have a MySpace and Facebook, it won't be long before you catch on to Twitter. Even Barak Obama “Tweets” as they say.

Most of the users of Twitter, report anyting from what cereal they are eating to how it is time for new sneakers, however Twitter was the first to break news of the Chinese earthquake and the first images of the American Airlines plane afloat in New York's Hudson River.

So it is no surprise to see that ExerciseTV is joining the Twitter gang. The lifestyle blog will have a range of topics which include:


  • Fitness —Latest and greatest fitness advice
  • Health —Guidance from ExerciseTV to keep you fit all year round
  • Make Me Over —Follow participants from around the country on their journey to healthier lives
  • Motivation —Lacking the focus in your workout get a dose of motivation from your favorite ExerciseTV Trainers
  • Nutrition —Great tips to eating healthy
  • Press Releases —Stay on top of all the latest and greatest from ExerciseTV

Contributors to the blog include ExerciseTV trainer's Patrick Murphy, Marian Shannon, Kendell Hogan, Cindy Whitmarsh, Holly Perkins, and Violet Zaki.

You can also stay up to date and even cheer for your favorite participant on the Make Me Over Challenge. Make Me Over participants and trainers include Tuccoa Polk, Gina Martinez, Melissa Gomez, Rochelle Greenwald, Cathy Cox and Steve Maresca.

The Challenge takes 4 participants from across the country. The 4 will then receive eDiets meal delivery, access to eDiets' nutritionists and success coach, ExerciseTV workout plan, ExerciseTV trainer.

Program will last 90 days. During the 90 days, participants will reveal their nutrition/workout struggles and challenges through a blog and video blog.

Viewers will be able to comment on participants' success and ask questions to the participants'

This is the first online weight loss program to combine workouts from a leading video-on-demand network with meals from a top meal delivery provider, that will allow participants to interact with their audience throughout their 90 day weight loss experience. 

This is an opportunity for consumers to get free workout plans, nutrition plans and fitness advice from the experts.

So if you are looking to support someone or get a little help for yourself this just be the interactive way to have fun while getting in shape.


Check out http://twitter.com/ExerciseTV




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