The LifeQuake™ Phenomenon

Just as the planet experiences an earthquake when pressure builds from the core, complete with widening fissures and cracking foundations, what creates this seismic pressure in our bodies and psyches is our resistance to confronting an antiquated life.  This resistance is composed of layers of faulty, inherited programs based in the belief that change means loss.  The LifeQuake™ Phenomenon is your guide as you navigate through these ‘tectonic plates' toward your personal awakening- an awakening into the authentic you that can ‘spin on the dime' of rapid change.

This book provides readers with the LifeQuake™ Questionnaire followed by the step-by-step body/mind/spirit information that accompanies all seven stages of the LifeQuake Model. Further, readers are given unique tools to help build a secure inner foundation for adapting to change moment to moment.  An added bonus, Dr. Galardi provides references to a multitude of cutting edge resources and profiles twelve well - known LifeQuake™ pioneers who have successfully mastered this path of radical transition.  The LifeQuake™ Phenomenon is the definitive guide for journeying through this uncharted, evolutionary territory of our personal and global LifeQuakes™.


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Dr. Galardi is a psychotherapist, book author and media expert who has been featured on such shows as Good Day LA




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