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Ever fall in love with a gorgeous piece of jewelry only to be brought back down to the reality of your budget by its expensive price tag? Ever think, “If only I had the supplies and the know how, I could make this myself.“? Then Bead Lounge is the place for you because they provide both in a fun-filled atmosphere guaranteed to make your jewelry making experience a satisfying one.

Owner Andrea Jones opened the store in 2006 after first visiting a friend's bead store, ordering something to be made for her, and then, while sitting around with another friend one day, coming up with the idea to create a jewelry store for people who were not experienced jewelry makers.

                “My store is for everyday people who aren't professional designers but want to learn how to make their own pieces,” states Jones. “You can come into my store and we will walk you through the process step by step.”

Bead Lounge patrons can pick pieces for their creation from the dozens of tiny bowls and trays filled with beads, chains, wire, and leather laying on tables and shelves throughout the store. Wall racks housing tons of jewelry material serve as storage space for when the bowls need replenishing. Customers carry their supplies back to a long wooden table in the back and sit with the store's staff to start putting it all together. There's even a long mirror on a nearby wall to check out how they look wearing their new creation.

“We have the same materials as Nordstroms, except it's a fraction of the cost,” states Jones. “Just come in with a picture or design and either we can make it for you (jewelry made by the staff hang on miniature tree stands) or teach you how to make it.”

Bead Lounge also caters events, like bridal showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, and ladies night. The standard price is twenty-five dollars for adults and thirty dollars for children. “We close the store for the customers and provide the food and drinks (i.e: wine and cheese for the adult parties) as well as the venue, the supplies, and the staff,” said Jones.

Customers can receive instruction by appointment or by walk in. “You stay for however long it takes to finish your piece and then you can always come back.” states Jones. “So far, it's been great. I'm really proud of my store.”

Bead Lounge

4873 Topanga Canyon Blvd.

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Tel: 818-704-5656

Fax: 818-704-8194


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