Organic Yerba Mate Drink

Whole Plant Herbal Tradition of South America

Pure Heart is the latest Organic Yerba Mate Drink to join Guayaki's award-winning line.  It features rainforest yerba mate, hawthorn and yarrow – herbs known to enhance cardiac performance.  This heart-healthy blend is combined with organic raspberry juice to create a delicious and invigorating beverage.  Yerba mate contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, 11 polyphenols and the natural stimulants: caffeine; theophylline; and theobromine.  Unlike other energy drink concoctions and functional drinks that feature synthetic and isolate ingredients, Guayaki follows a “ whole plant - whole health” herbal tradition that unleashes organic nutrients in a way that the body can easily absorb them. 

Alex Pryor and David Karr started a green beverage revolution a decade ago by bringing a rainforest drink that is a cultural icon in South American to the U.S. and creating innovative styles that suit the tastes preferred by people in North America .  Guayaki's goal is to create consumer demand for healthy rainforest products that can be grown sustainably and profitably in the natural rainforest, thereby providing native people with healthy economic alternatives to destructive land use such as cattle grazing, huge soy plantations and timber harvesting that has wiped out vast swaths of rainforest over the past century.

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