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Noni, the mega-popular Polynesian “superfruit,” has exploded in popularity over the past decade, as a number of preliminary scientific studies have found it has anti-cancer activity. But few people know that because noni juice also has pain and germ-killing properties, it can be used topically for numerous summer ills. In fact, the main use of the noni fruit in traditional Polynesian medicine is topical, for everything from peeling or cracking of the toes and feet to a poultice for wounds, boils and pimples. To its credit, noni is featured in more ancient Polynesian herbal remedies than almost any other plant. It is one of the few botanicals the Polynesians brought with them to Hawaii when they loaded up their canoes and moved from Southeast Asia 2,000 years ago.

Pharm East founder Dr. Rulin Xiu, a Chinese-born herbalist trained as a scientist at UC Berkeley, discovered the healing properties of noni when she moved to Hawaii five years ago. She was so impressed with the fruit that she developed three different noni juices: Noni Health 100%, which
is fresh-pressed organic noni juice and nothing else; Noni Health 300%, a concentrate that is manufactured through the use of proprietary, low-heat vacuum condensation technology; and Noni-Goji Juice, which combines the healing power of noni with goji, the longevity berry from China.

"I always keep a bottle of Noni Health 300% in the cupboard," says Dr. Xiu. "I've seen it clear up cuts, heal mosquito bites, and even significantly diminish severe cases of acne." Dr. Xiu makes a habit of spreading noni juice over her whole body after taking a bath, adding "Your skin feels so soft afterwards – there's nothing like it."

A number of scientific studies have demonstrated noni's power to kill germs. The fruit naturally contains acubin, L-asperuloside and alizarin – antibacterial agents that have proven effective against a whole slew of different bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, Escherchia coli, and Salmonella. Its powerful antiseptic activity keeps cuts, scrapes and bites from getting infected. And if noni works in Hawaii, where the warm and moist conditions are a haven for bacteria, you can bet it works anywhere.

Yet the ancient fruit is good for more than just open wounds. studies have shown it has both pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties, which explains why, anecdotally, it’s effective for healing bumps, burns, strains and bruises. One study found noni to be 75 percent as strong as morphine in its analgesic activity – yet totally safe and side-effect-free.

How does one use noni juice topically? The best way, says Dr. Xiu, is to soak the cotton part of a Band-Aid? or a sterile gauze pad with the juice, then apply as normal. Re-apply a few times daily until the skin heals. Or bathe in the stuff.

All three of the HiQi Health noni juices come in 16-oz bottles; Noni Health 100% retails for $19.95, Noni-Goji 100% for $29.95, and Noni Health 300% for $49.95. Noni Health 300% additionally comes in a 4-oz bottle, which retails for $12.95. The entire line of HiQi Health products is available for purchase through the company’s website at and through select natural food stores.

Pharm East Inc., based on the Big Island of Hawaii, is a leading developer and producer of unique nutritional technologies for the dietary supplement industry worldwide. Since 1996, Pharm East Inc. has been developing and manufacturing patented, proprietary formulations. To ensure the highest efficacy, all of the ingredients and formulas used in Pharm East’s products are produced at its own manufacturing facilities located in China and Hawaii. Pharm East puts strong emphasis on quality control at every stage of processing, from raw ingredient selection to harvesting to processing. In addition, Pharm East supports clinical research to substantiate its products' health advantage.


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