Livin Out Loud

Launches Album in US

Livin Out Loud, initially made famous in the United Kingdom, is now making their way to the United States. The group’s members are Reuben MacCalla, Sylvia MacCalla, Lisa LaShawn, and J. Martini. Their single “All that Really Matters,” hit the top of the UK charts and held the #1 spot for 3 weeks straight. The unique harmonies are a distinctive blend of R +B and Dance that listeners across the world can enjoy alike.

Livin Out Loud utilizes originality, blending, and authenticity to create their music. Livin Out Loud amalgamates live musicians, production and a combination of their unique voices to generate their signature sound.  Their music is rooted in story telling, expressing feelings and experiences. Most notably, Livin Out Loud remains authentic in each genre which is dictated by their moods, hence the group’s title Livin Out Loud.

Notwithstanding previous successes across Europe, Livin Out Loud is very much looking forward to infiltrating airwaves across the Unites States with their debut album “What About Us,” is distributed by Universal Music Groups’, Fontana Distribution. The album’s single “All that Really Matters,” has already blown up the UK charts.  “Do Your Thing,” an upbeat track, will be the first single to be released from the album.



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