by Alia Tawil


Chelsea Brewing Company:

Good times on pier 59


"He was a wise man who invented beer."


It’s early afternoon on a warm Saturday in New York City, and everyone’s out with their dogs, rollerblades, and shades strolling the Greenway bike path by the Westside highway. Stretching the length of Manhattan, There are many points at which one may veer back into the bustle of the city but only one where you can turn to escape from it. At Chelsea Piers, you can pause and partake in golf, kayaking, or a moment at the spa. The massive sports center also boasts the largest brewing company in Manhattan, Chelsea Brewing Company.


Nestled on pier 59, the restaurant and microbrewery offers 20 of their own personal brews as well as a wide variety of liquors, beers, and wine. From blackberry beer to
“Checker Cab Blonde Ale”, the brewery boasts beers that are lively, inventive, and refreshing. The menu (also available online) is as comforting as the drinks. From gourmet pizzas and sweet potato fries to fresh, grilled salmon, the choices are luxurious while remaining laid-back. With accommodations for catering, tour groups, and buses, Chelsea Brewing Company has successfully created a comfortable, welcoming environment while maintaining the allure and sophistication to attract a diverse audience to their homey 12,000 square feet on the pier.


Whether you prefer to be in the bar, the cigar lounge, upstairs, or outside, space is plentiful, and the wait is never long. The full restaurant has seating available both indoors and on their open-air deck which overlooks a private marina. Beyond the docks lies a tranquilview of the Hudson River and New Jersey. At sunset, amber rays shimmer on the water, and drink-toting crowds slowly trickle to the railing to enjoy the last glimpse of the day. At Chelsea Brewing Company, you are guaranteed to enjoy it.





Chelsea Brewing Company Chelsea Piers, Pier 59, New York City, New York 10011
voice 212.336.6440 - fax 212.336.6431 - email:


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