By Donn Swaby

The Beach Hit’s the Strip

Look out Sunset Strip, there’s a new restaurant in town! The historic landmark establishment that was Dublins has now made way for Sunset Beach, L.A.’s newest fine/casual dining eatery and lounge.

No, you will not find  any memorabilia from the now defunct soap opera by the same name displayed here; this Sunset Beach instead sets the Miami Beach inspired atmosphere within it’s spacious two floor layout, complete with umbrella top ceilings, fiery “sunset”  paintings, and blue or bone white waves adorning  the walls behind both bars. Exterior patio seating, private cabanas, and large glass windows means plenty of sunlight for patrons to soak up whether inside or outside. Speaking of the outside, should you find yourself cruising down the strip you can’t miss seeing Sunset Beach as it ambitiously appears to be competing with the newly constructed Disney building downtown for Funkiest Modern Design; the curves, angles, and lines of the restaurant’s exterior architecture converge in very visually stimulating ways.

The modern touch continues inside with red, pill shaped, flat cushion seats,  black faux tree stumps, glass and marble bar counters, circular ,aqua green sofas, and white chairs. A waterfall cascades down the center of a frosted glass chandeliere extending from the ceiling of the second floor all the way down to a pond at the base of the staircase.

Director of Sales Alfonzo Luna gave me the lowdown on Sunset Beach’s genesis. “Dublin’s lease was taken over by James Castro,  an investment banker and managing partner, “said Luna. “Between him and his wife (an agent at Endeavor Talent Agency), they had an immense social network of friends/business professionals. They wanted to continue the revitalization process of the strip with a place offering the full L.A. dining experience.”

Head Chef Joseph Gillard has prepared menus that offer the best of American fare but with a decided lean towards seafood. For the healthy minded, Gillard believes in only using organic, fresh market ingredients in his many dishes. For appetizers one can try the Blue Crab Fondue, New Zealand Cockle Clams, Santa Barbera Mussels, Conch Fritters, or a host of Cerviches (fish prepared cold). Out of the variety of salads one may pick, for example, the seasonal farmer’s salad with it’s curry roasted baby pumpkins, baby Brussels sprouts, fresh garbanzo beans, sun chokes, and roasted squash. For entrees, Sunset Beach has everything you can imagine; roast duck, marinated roast chicken, pan-roasted squab breast with warm Oregon hazelnut Vinaigrette, maple mustard glazed pork belly with rhubarb, sheep’s milk ricotta tender braised lamb, and 100% Kobe beef (served as prime Sirloin or a lobster-filled burger!).

Did that make you hungry? Well you don’t have to wait long; Sunbeach will be open for brunch and dinner starting Friday, November 10th.
Call for hours and to RSVP.

Sunset Beach
8240 W. Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Cell: 310-433-1375



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