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Flush Away Toxins and up to 9 pounds in 3 days, with Jay Robb’s Fruit Flush.

The Fruit Flush is a unique 3- day program that makes detoxifying the body easy and pleasant.  The Fruit Flush requires two simple steps.  Day one is a “pre-flush” day, where the body is hyper-fueled with regular protein feedings to deplete glycogen levels and prepare the body to be flushed of toxic waste, on days two and three the “fruit flushing” begins and the a specific amount of fresh natural fruit is eaten every two hours to maximize the detoxifying process while keeping blood sugar levels stable, thus avoiding hunger.  The Fruit Flush also requires that evening meals consist of what Jay calls “grounding foods” that consist of specific vegetables and proteins.

According to Jay Robb, cleansing and detoxifying your body does not require that you ingest some special drug, consume four cups of organic oat bran daily, undergo a series of enemas or drink tea from a rare herb that only grows on the back of female tortoises on the Galapagos Islands.  Cleansing is actually quite easy, if you understand the basic principles of the process and utilize fresh fruit – one of nature’s most powerful potent and pleasant tasting cleansers. Fruit is the key ingredient used in Jay Robb’s 3-day “Fruit Flush”, because fruit is naturally high in water content, high in fiber, and high in natural slow-releasing sugars. The nutrients in fruit can help dissolve toxins, and the water and fiber in fruit helps flush out the toxins via the urine and the bowel.

“The key to staying slim and healthy for a lifetime is to allow your body to detoxify itself regularly by eating properly and performing periodic Fruit Flushes to help clean your system,” states Fruit Flush creator Joy Robb.

Jay Robb’s Fruit Flush has been featured in FITNESS for women MAGAZINE, BEST BODY, OXYGEN and MS. FITNESS.  For more information visit Jay Robb’s website at www.jayrobb.com.



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