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There's a New Designer in Town

"Real Men Wear Pink." That's right. According to designer Sterling Williams, creator of the Sterling Wear line of clothing, real men not only wear pink but also LOVE it. If you're looking for a unique gift or just want to give your guy a new look, Sterling Williams may be right for you. Sterling offers dress shirts, leisure shirts, tees, blazers, zip ups and headgear. Each piece is adorned with the SW wings logo, the same logo you may have seen sported by celebrities like Ryan Seacrest, Marlon Wayans, Justin Timberlake or even the dancers for Beyonce's Japanese tour. Pink is not the only color Sterling has to offer. You can choose from an array of colors: chocolate brown, kelly green, aqua, and beautiful black.

Sterlingwear is not just for men. Sterling also offers a whole line of clothing for women, which you may have spotted on Serena Williams or Britney Spears. Additionally, Sterling has a new fall line featuring fitted, zip up hoodies, long and short sleeve tees, and lovely camisoles. Soon to be a parent, Sterling also has created a maternity and a baby clothing line complete with the SW logo, emblazoned with statements like "royalty is on the way" for mommy's long tank tops and camisoles, and "born to be wild" for baby's onesies.

Although you can see Sterling's clothing on runways in L.A. fashion shows at clubs like Ivar, The Highlands, and Cinespace, you'll have to go online to purchase his creations… for now. There you can also buy Sterling's original line of statement tee shirts, clothing with a message, like "Life's Too Short to Blend In." Then there's the original idea that started it all: after surviving a particularly hellish "what more bad stuff could possibly happen to me" week in Los Angeles, Sterling, who had originally come to L.A. on the hint of a potential record deal brought on by the release of his solo CD back in the San Francisco Bay Area, was inspired to make an iron-on tee shirt with the sentence: Welcome to Hollywood.; Prepare to Get F#@*%D. Guess how popular that was.

"The obvious goal is to be completely international," Sterling told me in our interview. With the high demand for his clothing, plus the high visibility said clothing receives via celebrity endorsement, that shouldn't be too hard.

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