By Kartar Diamond

When Feng Shui became wildly popular in the late 1990's, one of the reasons women were so enthralled with the subject is because of the promise of more love, just by applying certain "love" remedies to their homes or work stations. The dumbed-down, Americanized version of feng shui created a very pervasive marketing campaign to convince the public that the back right-hand corner of every house is an area that can be activated for increased romance. While this may have been testimony to the power of the placebo effect, it certainly has nothing to do with traditional feng shui and how a house is supposed to be analyzed.

But even though there is no such thing as a "Romance Corner" or a "Marriage Corner" the fact is that feng shui does address issues of love, romance and sexuality. In fact, in traditional feng shui, a more complex and individualized assessment can be made when enough data is gathered about the age of the house, its compass orientation, and exactly who is living in the space.

On a yearly basis, there are annual influences that can also affect a relationship and for the remainder of this article, I will highlight what the annual influence can do to a relationship. In order to get the most out of this interpretation, you need to have some knowledge in how to take a compass reading and how to accurately draw a floor plan.

Relationship Influences and Remedies For 2005

Southwest: This direction has the annual 1-water energy. When it combines with the direction of southwest there is a potential for loneliness or separation from an existing relationship. The remedy is METAL. Lots of metal objects in the southwest quadrant of your house.

East: The East will also be a lonely direction in 2005, because the annual 2-earth star can trigger depression, feelings of detachment or pain. METAL is also the remedy. For an average sized bedroom, at least 60 pounds of metal objects can balance the chi of the room.

Southeast: The southeast direction will have an annual influence in 2005 that can instigate arguments or gossip. This 3-wood energy is exhausted by adding FIRE. If your bedroom is in the SE quadrant of your house then you can add something boldly red in color to the room to quell the 3 energy and reduce arguments.

Center: The very center of every house will have the annual 4-wood energy residing there in 2005. If the floor plan of your home allows you to enter your house through the center or if your bedroom is in the center, then it will be easy to attract romantic and sexual encounters. You don't even need to add any remedies, but if you want to kick it into high gear, you can add a water fountain since water strengthens Wood. If you are married or in a serious relationship, you do NOT want to add water because it could cause affairs or infidelity.

Northwest: This direction will have very aggravated energy in 2005 and it is called the 5-earth star. Earth is always weakened by METAL. Add LOTS of METAL to the NW in 2005 to suppress an energy that could otherwise cause arguments, pain, accidents or delays.

West: The direction of west will have the annual 6-metal energy visiting that location. This 6 energy is very authoritative and powerful. Sometimes it creates power struggles of arguments with couples. The way to soften it is with water. Place a water fountain in the West quadrant of your home if your bedroom or entrance is in this location.

Northeast: This direction will have the annual 7-metal star visiting it and this is the most flirtatious of all the annual influences. It is very sexual energy and can be fun to experience if you are young, but there is hidden danger in it also. This influence is associated with contracting STD's and just emotionally, there can be deceptions or betrayals. No one wants this going on in a relationship, so you can weaken this 7-metal energy with WATER. Once again, a simple indoor water fountain can balance out this dilemma.

South: The direction of South in 2005 is very fertile energy. It will be very easy to get pregnant if you are having sex in the south quadrant of your home. The 8-earth energy is associated with happiness and weddings. If you want to activate it further, you add FIRE. An example would be a red bedspread.

North: The direction of North will have the annual 9-fire residing there in 2005. The 9-fire star just intensifies whatever it is around. If you are not into high drama in your relationships and want to mellow out this 9-fire energy, then you do it with EARTH. Have something earthen (clay, stone, marble) in your bedroom in 2005 if you know that it is in the north quadrant of your house.

These annual influences will affect your life and your relationships if you spend a lot of time in these directions. Usually that happens if the direction in question is your bedroom, your home office, or your entrance. Conversely, if the 2-lonely energy is in your bathroom area, then it will not affect you.


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