Choosing a skin care product can often be confusing. Each skin care company claims their product is best, the results will amaze you, etc, etc, but recently I have become aware of a product that uses science in a way that seems to sense. The company is Beyond Skin Science™ and the science they use is Nanochemistry. Nanochemistry falls under the umbrella of Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the ability to control the structure of matter by working with molecular and particle levels corresponding to lengths of approximately 1-100 nanometers or 1/100,000 the diameter of a human hair. As it applies to Beyond Skin Science, nanochemistry is applied to optimize their formula bases, relying on the use of the smallest possible particle size ingredients and avoiding the use of fillers, heavy waxes or oils to "build up" thickness or unnecessary viscosity in their products. Eternalis™ is the skin care product line developed by Beyond Skin Science™ that delivers active ingredients to the skin significantly faster than that of conventional products, with the use of Nanochemistry.

On a molecular level, the product can be manipulated more precisely, allowing more control to produce the desired effect and Beyond Skin Science™ has taken the initiative to do just that. “To me it has always been about healthy skin, not just the temporary reduction in wrinkles,” says Alex Cripchuck, Beyond Skin Science™ VP of Research and Product Development. “ A product based on nanotechnology does a better and more selective job of caring for the skin because it removes the right amount of dead skin, removes excess oils, adds mission oils, applies the right amounts of natural moisturizing compounds and even achieves deep pore cleansing by actually reaching down into the pores.”

All of this may sound too good to be true, but it seems that avid users of the product, which includes several names you are familiar with, have seen results that keep them coming back for more. The Insider’s, Ananda Lewis says, “This stuff is amazing, just amazing, Eternalis™ has helped to refine my pores, get a firmer complexion and has improved the overall health of my skin!” The O.C.’s Jennifer Davis states, ” I believe in the products and my face is all the evidence people will need!!!"

Beyond Skin Science™ develops, manufactures and sells their skin care products, directly to the consumer. That means no middleman, or department store mark-up. The Eternalis™ products can be purchased individually or in a complete kit. The kit is priced at $145.95. To find out more about Beyond Skin Science™ and their Eternalis™ skin care line visit


Melanie Tooker




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