written by
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

The nuanced mind of Woman drove the chords of human need
The suckling coos of child laid foundations that most please.
For the ancient place of knowledge said that babies must survive
The focus of the Woman was the need to best provide.
The man was son and hazard when hunger grew too long.
Mother kept him in his place, gave place so he'd belong.
His loyalty directed turned the threat of other men.
His ascendancy projected became a threat again.
From the spirit place internal came the forms of sacred thought
Women borne renewal was the value learned and taught.
The death accepting cycle seen within her body turned
These absolute reminders that need never be relearned.
The love of man and woman was created to affirm
Foundations of the Mother on which all loving turned.
So Mother is the element from which all life has come
Love, the fuel, drives Her to dote on all her sons.
The Man may misremember where human life began
But forgetting changes nothing; it was Woman who made man.









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