Written by
Tymeka Coney

In my femininity, in my virginity
In my tranquility, in my serenity
I am a lady
In my mystery, and in my privacy
I am a lady
In my confidence, in my arrogance
In my humbleness, in my opulence
I am a lady
In my boldness, in my coldness
In the sway of my hips,
In the lick of my lips
I am a lady
In my intelligence, in my innocence
I am a lady
In my quietness, in my shyness
I am a lady
In my beauty, in my nudity
I am a lady
Don't try to sway me, betray me, portray me
But embrace me, appreciate me.
Although I'm not like every one
I'm one in a million
Once twice three times a lady.
Not the lady and the tramp or the lady that sings the blues
More like first lady to you
Capital L-A-D-Y
I am a LADY









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