Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Internalized commitment that defeats the cause of tears

The Peace of human making rescinds our deepest fears.

Eternal Yes to spirit that meet in time and place

Infinite renewal that completes our course towards grace.

The Peace stills angry echoes from histories now forgot

Remaking pain and anguish it reveals the truths we sought.

In still point of our needing for which we strain to see

Peace, the distant rapture, reminds us what should be.

A vision, dim but glowing with promises divine

It draws us to the capture of a future far more kind.

It leads us out from shadows to a place still yet to be

Implanting in our consciousness the hope we may be free.

Peace renews forgiveness and trains the mind and soul

Peace accepts our imperfections, granting ancient goals.

The first and last remembered from the natal place of time

Find peace within the portal and a home in the design









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