The New Melt Symbol!




Dear readers, you may have noticed this new symbol that appears near many article titles. This symbol indicates the Premium Member only areas. This month and until mid –January all Melt readers and visitors will be able to view these areas for free. As of January 15th, these features will become part of the Premium Member area and you will only be able to view these sections if you become a Premium Member.

You can become a Premium Member by clicking here and signing up. Take advantage of Melt’s Premium Membership and receive a discount! Sign up from now until January 15th and you will receive a $2.00 discount off the already low rate of $12.00 per year. That means your membership is only $10.00 for the whole year! Less than a dollar an issue, plus you will receive other great features, along with a print version of Melt!

The publishers of Melt Magazine understand that our readers may wonder why we are changing our format. We are confident that this step will allow us to expand our content and give us the opportunity to give you (our readers) a hardcopy of Melt Magazine, as so MANY of you have asked for.

We hope you continue to be a part of Melt’s growing community. Your support is needed and as always appreciated.





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