By Donn Swaby


Troyka restaurant in Hollywood not only serves authentic Russian cuisine, but also serves up entertainment that you are not likely to get anywhere else. Go for the Chicken Kiev, blintzes with sour cream and red caviar; stay for the newly added father and daughter acrobatic balancing act. Reminiscent of Cirque De Soliel, their feats of skill and strength are quite amazing to behold; the father balances his twelve year old daughter on his shoulders, hands, and even his head as she strikes a myriad of dazzling poses high above him.

Owner Yefim "Fema" Kushnir, originally from the city of Odessa, the capital of the Ukraine, has been running Troyka for the last twelve years and wanted to bring a new element to the already dazzling array of entertainment provided. The lovely, statuesque singer Svitlana Burilana has been singing at Troyka for nine years. Svitlana sings in six different languages (Russian, English, French, Italian, Ukrainian, and Spanish)

Troyka's master of ceremonies, Anatoli Mogilevsky, (who is also a multi-lingual singer) is not only one of the most recognized talents in Southern
California's Russian community but is known throughout the world, having toured and performed on many stages and on more than ten musical releases on CD.

And if the singers and acrobatics are not enough, there are dancers who perform both modern and traditional folk dances in various costumes; they go from wearing tight fitting black and pink corseted outfits in one number to revealing belly dancing outfits in another. One male dancer acts as their turbaned Arabian lord. The final dance number has them wearing colorful gypsy costumes with scarves. Their combined talents, flexibility, beautiful faces, and long, graceful, and shapely limbs make their act a spicy dish complimentary to the delicious food being served by the professional, courteous wait staff.

So if you have a birthday, wedding anniversary, barmitvah, batmitzvah, or any other cause for celebration, Troyka is ready too with some great food, a little vodka, amazing entertainment, and most important, a feeling of "kak doma u babuski” or 'like at grandma's home."

Troyka Restaurant
7300 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Ca
The corner of Fuller and Sunset
Seats 120
For reservations call 323 -851-5531

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