Life Divine

My eyes are closed
In bed I lie
With thoughts of you
I start to fly
Into a dream of passions lust
Of naked truths
Of love and trust
I melt inside
Your hand in mine
We walk into
Each other’s mind
And share our past
Our souls entwined
My friend
My love
Oh life divine

Say Hello to Me in My Darkest Hour

Say hello to me in my darkest hour
Speed the spells of woe and the scent of a flower
Tolerate greed straight into the light
Empty the lonely back into the night
Push gives to shove and then falls by my lead
Planting the worry but never the seed
Making the call that saves someone's life
Could be my fault when I stop to think twice
Far into blackness past steel rays of light
Cold-hearted lover lost fast by my sight









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