By Kartar Diamond

When you are under attack in a legal situation, you can practice a feng shui remedy that is specific to your personal energies and align your home to support you. It is a temporary remedy, which should only be done while you are having legal problems.

Based on the year you were born, there is a certain element associated with that year and your gender. It is called a Personal Trigram. Once you identify your Personal Trigram from the chart provided, you will see what element is inherently associated with that trigram. There is also a direction which is inherently associated with the Trigram.

The remedy to support you in a lawsuit is as follows: You chart out the actual, precise directional quadrants of your home and place your remedy in the location of your home that matches your Trigram direction. What remedy do you use? You use the element that further strengthens or supports your Trigram, as shown on the chart.

Birth Year

Trigram Direction and Element

Support Element
1960, 1969 SW-Earth FIRE
1961, 1970 East-Wood WATER
1962, 1971 SE-Wood WATER
1963, 1972 NE-Earth FIRE
1964, 1973 NW-Metal EARTH
1965, 1974 West-Metal EARTH
1966, 1975 NE-Earth FIRE
1967, 1974 South-Fire WOOD
1968, 1975 N-Water METAL

Birth Year

Trigram Direction and Element

Support Element
1960, 1969 SE-Wood WATER
1961, 1970 East-Wood WATER
1962, 1971 SW-Earth FIRE
1963, 1972 N-Water METAL
1964, 1973 South-Fire WOOD
1965, 1974 NE-Earth FIRE
1966, 1975 West-Metal EARTH
1967, 1974 NW-Metal EARTH
1968, 1975 SW-Earth FIRE

Here are some examples:

A woman born in 1969 needs to put something red in color (like a red blanket or rug) in the southwest quadrant of her house because Fire strengthens Earth and the Earth direction of southwest is her signature direction according to her Personal Trigram.

A woman born in 1971 needs to put water (like a fountain) in her southeast quadrant of her home because southeast is inherently a Wood direction and Water strengthens it.

A man born in 1974 needs to put something earthen (like a clay pot) in the northwest quadrant of his home because northwest is a Metal direction and Earth strengthens it.

A man born in 1973 needs to put a live plant (representing Wood element) in the South quadrant of his home because Wood strengthens Fire and South is a Fire direction.

A woman born in 1975 needs to put something made of Metal in the North part of her house because North is associated with Water and Metal always strengthens Water.

An important note regarding these birth years (for both the Male chart and the Female chart) is that the New Year begins on February 4th, not January 1st. So if you were born between January 1st and February 3rd, you need to consider yourself one year older than your Western year of birth. Example: a person born January 28, 1975 would consider themselves born in 1974.

These Personal Trigrams repeat every nine years, so if you do not see your birth year on the chart provided, just find a birth year that is nine years younger or nine years older than you and you will have the same Personal Trigram with the same support direction and element to utilize.

Remember, these are temporary remedies that are only to be used when you are under the stress of a lawsuit. They are not permanent remedies to your home, nor are they annual remedies.

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