Wining with the Turks

       Some people have tried Turkish coffee before but what about Turkish wine?
For a taste of Mediterranean vino and more, wine lovers need look no further than Turks and Frogs, a new eatery in the heart of Manhattan's meat packing district that offers over seventy kinds of wines from both Turkey and France. In addition, patrons can nibble on tasty Mediterranean staples like smoked-eggplant salads, humus, stuffed grape leaves, cheeses, and breads. They can also purchase imported antiques.

       Turks and Frogs owner Osman Cakir started collecting antiques three years ago, although his hobby of collecting started much earlier. "When I was a kid," says the thirty-two year old Cakir, "I was always collecting things. I'm a collector." He eventually would travel to his homeland of Turkey every two or three months and bring back pottery, Turkish copper plates, collapsible copper and canvas lanterns, tera cotta, and other Mediterranean antiques to sell in his shop. When asked about the expansion of the shop to include food and wine, Cakir replied, "I always wanted to be a wine buyer."

       So what's with the frog part? Well it seems the French are not only represented by the wines, but also by the frog statues and frog candle holders decorating the establishment as well as the name of the place itself.

       Cakir is very proud that his place has a homey vibe. Everything, right down to the eclectic music (think Nude Dimensions) and the perfect placement of an inviting leather couch inside and two cozy little benches in the front yard, was designed for a soothing and peaceful dining experience. "It looks like somebody's apartment... like my living room. They (the patrons) feel like they're visiting a friend."

Turks and Frogs
323 west 11th St.
between Greenwhich St. and Washington St.
open from 6 P.M. until 4 A.M.


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