Sexy Ropas Por el Mundo!

If Claudia Barenboim, a beautiful, vivacious Argentinean with a fashion degree, doesn't know a thing or two about creating casual, yet, hot, sexy clothing for women, than nobody does. She is in the process of making her unique line of garments not only available in her home country and in Los Angeles, California, but eventually everywhere in the world.

"After getting my degree," says Barenboim, who purchases the best fabrics from Brazil, "I never did anything with fashion design 'till I knew deep inside that it was time for me to do something that I love." Like all original designers, Barenboim creations came about from her own dislike of the mainstream commercial clothing styles already available in stores. "That's how I started designing clothes that you wouldn't see anywhere else," she says. To that she added a sure fire ingredient for success; a dedication to designing clothes for all body types. "It's a style that everybody can where anywhere, for parties, cocktails, etc.... doesn't matter what age."

Claudia's daughter, Fiorella, (another beautiful Argentinean) will be helping her with her fashion line. "I love what my mum does because it makes her so happy. She never stops. She goes to bed and a half hour after you think she's been sleeping, she wakes up and tells me about the new design she just thought about."

Claudia Barenboim designs can be found at stores in Valley Village and on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

Ariana's Boutique
1264 Magnolia Blvd.
Valley Village, CA

The Cosmo Show
7614 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA


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