Tired of shopping at all the same hip and trendy clothing stores that litter Melrose Avenue? Want to browse merchandise in a completely serene environment devoid of loud thumping, techno music, pushy sales people stressed out about making commission and hordes of pimply faced teens out to spend their allowance money? Well go and check out the heavenly atmosphere at Thomas Schoos Design on Melrose Avenue, catty corner to the Pacific Design Center on San Vicente Blvd. There you can enter a world of rare and unique award winning plants and trees such as Staghorns, Reindeer Ears, and ferns, Amid the foliage are carved stone water fountains, three hundred year old Buddha Statues from China, a pond with Koi fish, a patio, and a pagoda complete with rattan sofas and table (a perfect respite for reading or simply resting, both activities being highly encouraged and invited by the store's warm and friendly sales associates.) Add a little outdoor incense and a mini exotic bird sanctuary and this little niche of serenity becomes a perfect setting for creating peace of mind. But we haven't even gone into the store yet!

Inside there are imports from all over the world ranging in price from affordable to A-list actor salary: embroidered cloth from India, Kikoy cotton from Africa, multicolored ceramic dishes, cups, bowls, and vases from South Africa, bronze reliefs of the Buddha's hands in varying positions of meditation from Thailand, one hundred year old dragons suspended above you from Burma, Lima fur from Peru, candles from Italy, silk handmade lamp shades from South America, alabaster candle holders from a seven thousand year old quarry in Egypt, and lingam stones from a meteorite that crashed in the Ganges River two thousand years ago. And this is just a partial list!

"Often a customer's sensual experience within and without the store will inspire them to re-create the same atmosphere at home," says Keith Holman, sales associate. "We do interior/exterior design, landscaping, and design furniture in homes, restaurants, and offices."

Even if one wanted to simply browse, the store is definitely worth visiting due to the immediate effect it can have on one's sense of well being. There will be no one there to hound you in the attempt to make you buy something; they don't have to. They need only let the magic of the atmosphere move you to imagine the same garden of delights in your own personal living/work space.


Thomas Schoos Design
8618 Melrose Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90069


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