Dear Readers,

Over the next few months, we will be taking some time out of our normal schedule to work on some improvements and other changes to Melt Magazine.

Melt has always been a free magazine, and we want to keep as close ot that as possible.

However we will be providing some subscription options. Most of the magazine will still be freely accesible, but premium subscribers will have full access, as well as receive some other tangible benefits such as a copy of the annual Melt Magazine print copy and discounts on merchandise such as our posters, t-shirts and calendars.

These changes will have some impact on our regular schedule for the next few months, and we will have a sightly lighter edition, but should be back to our regular edition and start rolling out some changes by the end of September.

We hope you enjoy our magazine and will support us in this. Please feel free to send us your feedback about all this at,

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000">© Melt Magazine 2004