Justin G. Ditter began practicing art more than 12 years ago in Chicago, Illinois. Over that time, he has studied art independently and explored it through experimentation with various mediums.

Inspired by his family, friends and the world around him, Justin brings a personal and unique touch to pieces he creates. After re-locating to Los Angeles, California in 1995, Justin began freelancing as an artist for private clients as well as for the motion picture industry. In 2003 Justin was featured in the Studio 54 art exhibition, Splurge in Santa Monica, CA.

“Art is all about personal expression…”

Justin continues to express himself in the world of art with everything from painting on canvas to painting on the human form. And if you recognize his name from an earlier issue of Melt Magazine, you are correct. Justin is also a part time model and posed for our 3rd Halloween special edition, October 2003. Check out the cover of issue 30 to see Melt’s very own swashbuckling pirate.





Also visit: www.agalleryofartists.com

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