by Don Swaby


Ever wonder what it feels like to sip your drink of choice while getting a deep tissue rub down as you party with some of your co-workers and/or closest friends in the location and setting of your choice? Well wonder no further; SPArty is here!

This unique service of combines the energizing and healing advantages of a spa (manicures, pedicures, facials, massage) with a supercharged party environment complete with an exotic drink menu (including the SPArtini), hors d'oerves, and DJ-spinned eclectic grooves. SPArty was officially launched in February, 2004 by brainchild and business savvy entrepreneur Alexis Ufland and can now be enjoyed in any major American city.

With an impressive list of celebrity clientele (Justin Timberlake and Kim Catrall to name a few) who've SPArt(y)ied, this wonderfully hip and original concept has suddenly become a much sought after experience for post modern people of the new millennium who like to mix their socializing with an indulgent catering-to of their bodies, imbibing pleasant spirits while enjoying spirit lifting massages provide by trained and qualified SPArty staff.

So, perhaps the next time you have a special event to plan, whether it be a birthday, wedding shower, corporate event, or bachelorette party, you may want to consider making your party a SPArty and create an atmosphere that will appeal to all the five senses and memories that will be deliciously recalled for years to come.

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