by Kartar Diamond

"It's not what you know, but who you know." This is a popular cliché which emphasizes the way the world works. Having personal connections is often a critical ingredient to success and not just in the entertainment industry. From a feng shui perspective, there are several ways that a person can achieve success. You can be born with advantages (referred to as Heaven Luck.) You can also use your Earthly Luck (your feng shui environment) to nurture and harness auspicious timing and location.

In a past issue of Melt Magazine, I discussed your Personal Wealth Direction for such things as entrances and sleeping directions. The Personal Wealth Direction is based on your year of birth and gender. Some people are genuinely successful through their own hard work, with no one to thank but themselves. In fact, some people succeed even with great adversity trying to block them. Others are successful, in part, because they have benefactors or people who they can team up with to make them more successful than they would have otherwise been on their own. Think about an average singer whose voice gets altered and improved in the recording studio by a skilled music producer. We also have that saying, "Power by Association." The show 20/20 recently did a segment on nepotism, featuring the adult children whose famous and wealthy parents have done more than open doors for their offspring.

So what can the rest of us do to bring more benefactors and helpful people into our lives and give us our lucky breaks? If you look to the following chart, you will see a direction associated with your year of birth. If you sleep with your head pointing to that direction, or enter your house through that directional quadrant of your house, or position your desk in that directional orientation, you can start attracting more people to you who can help you succeed in your career.

If you were born between January 1st and February 3rd, consider yourself a year older on this chart because the Feng Shui Trigram System is based on a Solar Calendar that starts on February 4th, not on January 1st.

Year of Birth Female Benefactor Direction Male Benefactor Direction
1960 (Kun)West (Sun)South
1961 (Chen)North (Chen)North
1962 (Sun)South (Kun)West
1963 (Ken) Northwest (Kan) East
1964 (Chien)Norheast (Li) Southwest
1965 (Tui)Southwest (Ken) Northwest
1966 (Ken)Northwest (Tui)Southwest
1967 (Li)Southeast (Chien)Northeast
1968 (Kan)East (Kun)West
1969 (Kun)West (Sun)South
1970 (Chen)North (Chen)North
1971 (Sun)South (Kun)West
1972 (Ken)Northwest (Kan) East
1973 (Chien)Northeast (Li)Southeast
1974 (Tui)Southwest (Ken)Northwest
1975 (Ken)Northwest (Tui)Southwest
1976 (Li)Southeast (Chien)Northeast
1977 (Kan)East (Kun)West
1978 (Kun)West (Sun)South
1979 (Chen)North (Chen)North
1980 (Sun)South (Kun)West
1981 (Ken)Northwest (Kan)East
1982 (Chien)Northeast (Li)Southeast
1983 (Tui)Southwest (Ken)Northwest

If you are concerned about anyone whose birth year is not on this chart, just know that the cycles repeat themselves every nine years. Example, someone born in 1985 has the same Benefactors Direction as the person born in 1976.

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