Steven Michael Borelli has been drawing since he was a fetus. The inside of his mother's womb is tattooed with the renderings of his twisted imagination. Upon birth he continued his assault on the senses by concocting his own comic strips and illustrations inspired by the lunacy transpiring about him.

Eschewing the formal art training of college, he embarked on a career of illustration and graphic design. He also spent several years teaching design and animation, enjoying the mayhem he could spread by preaching his own insane dogma to the inquisitive minds of impressionable students throughout Silicon Valley.

Now with a thriving design and animation business, Borelli balances the chaos he calls a life by visualizing on board the bizarre hallucinations dancing like sugarplums through the depths of his eternally deranged id. And he has a helluva lot of fun doing it.

Steve Borelli now uses his unique creative talents to combat the notorious forces of mediocrity.

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