by Sonya Caruso

All too often Valentine's Day is about spending money on lavish gifts: Jewelry, a getaway weekend, dinner at a fancy restaurant and designer lingerie are just a few typical Valentine's Day exploits. And while for many this is what makes the day special, for those who have truly felt the rapture of cupid's arrow happiness is time spent with that special someone. And since love is a mental and physical infliction and not a financial one, why not make the holiday personal by creating your own innovative gifts and romantic atmosphere.

You don't have to go out to a fancy restaurant to cook up some romance. Search your cookbooks for a new recipe. Something light and sumptuous in appearance will best suit the occasion, but be sure that it will appeal to your loved ones taste buds as well as his eyes. Turn off your phone and set the mode with an elegant place setting, candlelight, and soft music. You will create an intimate atmosphere free of worldly distractions. Forget about the dishes, they will be there tomorrow.

For desert tempt your sweetheart with something sweet. Freshly baked cake or homemade candies are sure to make a greater impression than a box of expensive chocolates from the candy store or pastry from the local bakery. Use your creativity; Shape chocolates like hearts, or try something with strawberries.

Soak in the simple pleasures of unity with a warm bath. Keep the music playing and carry the candles with you. Try therapeutic bath oils and help one another relax by massaging and sponging. Use this time to reminisce, reconnect and dream by dedicating the discussion to your life together.

Make this a time to indulge in your fantasies. If you are shy and uncomfortable about expressing your sexual fantasies you might want to try a confidential outside service like This is a free cite that uses information you provide to create an erotic story about you and your special someone. It takes about five minutes, everything is done via email and you choose the theme and rating level. The element of surprise should delight your unsuspecting mate.

Love is poetic in nature, so why not write a poem to express your love. Even if you are not the poetic type exposing your heartfelt emotions is a brave and selfless act that should never go unappreciated. If you are musically talented you might try writing a song and if you are an artist express your love on canvas. Whatever you do is sure be adored if it is done with the other person in mind and in heart.

After all, heart is what Valentine's Day is all about. Be brave this year and avoid the typical and extravagant by taking the more perplexing road, the one that requires you to give of yourself, mind body and soul.

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