Kathy FerDon grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana among an artistically oriented family. Her father John FerDon sat on Jackson Square with the local art community. The family business was "Brandonburg-Art Studio and Antique Frame Restoration" in the French Quarter, which Kathy began working with at an early age. Kathy's sister, Melanie FerDon, a strong artist as well, was also been recently featured in Melt Magazine. (Click here to Check out Melanie.)

Kathy's background gave her the opportunity to study under some of the most well known Artist in New Orleans. She began her studies in the late sixties and then started teaching art classes to children while she herself was still a teenager.

Kathy spent much of her adult career doing Social Engraving, Mechanical Engraving and Graphic Design. However, due to medical reasons, Kathy had to retire early, but since then, she has had the time to explore her drawing passions, which tend more towards detailed geometric forms and shadow.

"I enjoy using ink and colored pencils, but lately I've trained myself to use computerized art programs. At any given time, I usually have 3-5 different graphic art projects that I'm working on and I continue to enjoy challenges."

Kathy now resides in the state of Texas with her husband, Sidney P. Mailloux III. She is also a member of the artist community website, agalleryofartists.com.

Also visit: www.agalleryofartists.com

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