by Kartar Diamond

Windows are an important feature to take note of in feng shui theory. In fact, a windowless room can feel oppressive or depressive. A room with no windows should be well lit at the very least. Pictures of landscapes can make a windowless room feel bigger than it is as well as mirrored walls.

A room can have too many windows as well. This is like living in a fish bowl, too exposed. Too many windows in a room can also make furniture placement a challenge.

Real windows often indicate the "facing" side of a house or apartment. Regardless of where the entrance door is, if there is an expansive view in a different location, this side of the house or apartment is often considered the real front or "facing" side.

Windows should be easy to open and at the same time, when they are shut they should not allow for a draft to come through.

Windows that frame a pleasant view are considered ideal. If a window reveals a bad view, then something should be placed in front of the window to buffer the bad view, such as a live plant or a partition screen.

People with chronically bad views can replace the window with glass block or frost the window so that light can still come through, without having to see something upsetting.

Some people only have views of telephone poles, other dilapidated buildings, the freeway, graffiti, or billboards. This is a subjective aspect to feng shui. If you don't like the view and it bothers you personally, then it should be obscured.

A bed right next to a low window can contribute to sleep problems. A high window is usually not a problem.

Windows should match in their basic shape. As an example, on the front side of a house, if one window is square with an arc line on the top, then others should match that shape.Mis-matched windows are like a person with uneven eyebrows. It is not pleasant to look at and can eventually cause stress.

Windows which are in a direct alignment with another window or door can contribute to money struggles for an occupant because the chi (air currents) escape the room too quickly. It is better when windows and doors are off-set.

Heavy window treatments, such as wood shutters or drapery can help keep the chi from escaping a room too quickly.

A cracked window should be replaced immediately because that can also contribute to health problems.


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