1. Room 137

2. Carrot and Grapes

3. The Spiritual Machine





This is an exciting time for music. Musicians are cross-pollinating genres and new forms are developing. The curious music lover can discover a gold mind on the web, far beyond what commercial radio could every offer.

One such musician is Curtis. He writes and performs instrumental music which blends aspects from rock, jazz, acid jazz, blues and surf.

“His sound is all his own, floating between jazz and rock " (Guitar world Magazine)

There are many aspects to the music of Curtis, one of which is the amazing guitar playing of Curtis Fornadley. He illustrates his versatile virtuosity in every imaginable genre, from rock to jazz to reggae. In essence, Curtis is a living encyclopedia of music and the guitar is his voice. He is able to paint vivid pictures and evoke feelings without words.

His most recent CD release “Room 137” has many examples of this. How many times have you bought a CD and every song sounds the same? “Room 137” is one of those rare records where each tune is a fresh experience. You can hear audio samples at www.room137.com.

“…a guitar slinger with a worldwide view and the technical ability to explore it" (Music Connection)

Most recently, “Room 137” has been receiving radio airplay in Australia; the other side of the world from Curtis’s home in Playa del Rey, CA. He and his band, Rob Chismar on drums and Dave Hill on bass, perform regularly at various Los Angeles venues including BB King’s Blues Club and The Baked Potato.

The band has begun recording their third CD, which promises to deliver more wonderful music and to take the listener on journeys to new sonic lands.

Visit www.curtisguitar.com and www.room137.com


Also visit: www.agalleryofartists.com

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