Why is traffic so slow on Fairfax Avenue in West Hollywood, California? In part because of the long train of cars moving towards the newly developed "Grove" Entertainment and Shopping Center at Fairfax and Third Streets.

And from several sources, including Los Angeles Magazine, feng shui input was included during the design phase. Aside from other mundane considerations, such as factoring in the local demographics and the enduring history of the Farmers' Market, the Grove complex was destined to be successful from a feng shui perspective.

There are several entrances into the Grove Complex, and without studying an actual plot plan, it appears that the main thrust of traffic comes from the west side on Fairfax. However, the majority of stores in the bulk body of the complex re aligned in a North-South arrangement (and this is the key.)

Any structure built in the last twenty years which faces North or South, already has an advantage over other structures facing different directions. A 1984-2003 construction that faces North or South is one type of building that is inherently good for money potential.

As well, many of these individual storefronts have entrances that stimulate some of the most positive parts of the store for money luck. There are both good and bad areas inside every structure and one major key to success in business is to have your entrance door in a "money" spot. Without getting too technical, this is a no-brainer for any feng shui expert, well versed in classical Flying Star Feng Shui. This is to say that the potential for these businesses to do well is very much in their favor.

On the east part of the whole complex is a huge water feature, often a dazzling attraction when the "water dances" do regularly, timed shows. Water aligned with the direction east (relative to a structure) is also a major money magnet. Specific to the Grove, if it is viewed as a whole as a West-facing complex (255 degrees), actually needs water in the east portion as a major correction.

Combine that with a major influx of people coming in on the North side from the massive parking structure and you have another key area being stimulated for increased money luck.

As I drive around my hometown of Los Angeles, and being familiar with the precise compass alignments of so many streets, I can't help but notice new constructions and know at a glance what kind of feng shui environment they are building. In addition to the Grove having good feng shui now, there are also aspects to it that will support it through the next twenty years as well. There will always be some stores that do better than others, but the good feng shui of the whole complex can help the individual stores that might otherwise not attract much business if they were located elsewhere.



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