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By Sandra Fu

Let’s face it. It is not a secret that is geared toward women (though hurray for all you male fans who read it!). We’ve got a hunky guy featured on every cover -- usually with an accompanying interview -- but we also dare to challenge media stereotypes of what women “read.” Certainly there are articles that are “femalecentric,” but they generally feature an admirable woman or activities women participate in that are typically male-dominated. We do not perpetuate the idea that women sit around all day figuring out how to trick a man into marriage or promote the concept that they focus all their sexual energy on the male orgasm, as some women’s magazines would like you to believe. So in honor of women and all of their wonderful complexities I wanted to expose you to a few notable websites where you can read about things that interest and concern…you guessed it…women.
This is an excellent resource for women. Whether you want to learn more about how women are affecting politics, whose challenging women’s rights and what the consequences are, or if you want to find out what a woman’s options are when she gets pregnant, this is the place to turn. The center section is appropriately called In The Spotlight where current issues in the news or websites with information affecting women are featured. It covers a wide range of interests and if what you’re looking for is not there, never fear. This site is endlessly clickable and the content extensive. On the left side are a range of topics so comprehensive that it puts to shame that dusty set of encyclopedias you’ve had since childhood. It even graciously covers men’s issues as well. But if that whole alphabet thing of the encyclopedias still appeals to you check out the Essentials portion. It lists a women’s issues A-Z Site Index where topics I never even dreamed could concern women (though now I understand why they do) are covered.

One of my favorite features is a Biographies of Notable Women resource where women from the 20th and 21st century who contributed to feminism, politics and women’s rights are featured. One of the things that, in retrospect, saddens me about my high school years is that it seemed we rarely discussed influential women in history. I remember Susan B. Anthony, but I think that’s just because she was on a coin. Read up on this section, study it, send your daughters there…hell, send your sons there (that’s possibly more important). I loved this site so much I simply cannot believe I didn’t find out about it sooner. All women can find a use for this site, so bookmark it in your list of favorites.
The postmodern woman’s dream site. They have taken the commonly understood (and most commonly used) derogative noun for a woman “bitch” and appropriated it, so it is instead a word to celebrate. As they put it “It’s a noun, it’s a verb, it’s a magazine.” It touts itself as the “feminist response to pop-culture” and covers everything from 9/11 to Playboy magazine. Though both a print and web magazine, you can also get some of the features from the print version at the site, which is a nice bonus. Certainly, feminists who read the site will not agree with all the opinions expressed, but it is a wonderful forum for women writers to exchange ideas and definitions of feminism. I have agreed with as many articles that I have disagreed with, but I’m glad for its existence. The topics are current, edgy and often controversial, and one thing is for sure all of the pieces are opinionated. If you prefer your commentary mild or more of a pleasant exchange then perhaps this is not the site for you, but I recommend you give it a chance. You never know what perspective you’ll read that would not have occurred to you prior, and strangely enough you may be persuaded to agree.
Do you feel that when it comes to music and art women are neglected? So does Read about rocking riot grrrlz Sleater-Kinney or the melancholic Chan Marshall of Cat Power. Forget about Britney and Christina. The only times you’re likely to see them mentioned in Venus is usually in contrast to whichever artist they are featuring. Find out about the latest film, art or book by a woman that you just have to check out. This site provides female artists (some famous within their genre and others just starting out) with some well deserved recognition that they might otherwise not get. And you never know what amazing talent is out there unless you look.

Ignore all those publications whose only recognition of a woman’s talent is exemplified by the size of their breasts or how little clothing they can strategically fit over their primary and secondary sexual organs. Venus understands the feminine presence and it is yours to peruse at their site (though similar to Bitch, Venus comes in a print form as well). Not only will you find out about notable female artists, they also have a section where you can find out interesting bits about cities inhabited by Venus readers and they also have D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) section where you can learn to self-publish or make your own hipster belt. Definitely a fun site worth checking out.

Well, that about sums it up. Happy clicking!



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