Battle Garbed Angels

Only fools should ask, Why.
Earth's angels were spotted donning battle garb.
She has been stripped, gutted and is sick.
Her rain forest is burning, old plagues reemerging,
Now would be a good time to do something quick.

So,the climate is changing,what have we to fear?
My lumber stock has skyrocketed, repeatedly this year.

Look . . . I had no hand in this raping.
What would you have me do?
Patch the holes in the ozone?
Write to my congressman demanding we sue?

What ever turns you on, my friend,
May very well save us all.
Care for the tinniest patch of earth,
Plant one tree, a garden, a shrub wall.

Earth's angels are angry and making ready to march.
Our destroying days are done.
I have just one question for you, my friend,
Just . . . where do you expect to run?


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