Included in Chinese Metaphysics is the practice of feng shui, astrology, and Chinese medicine (acupuncture.) Historically, these three art forms were practiced in conjunction with each other for the highest impact and benefit. Addressing our lives in the areas of environment, health constitution, nutrition, and destiny can create a synergy that enhances each part.

In East Indian culture, there is a similar equivalent to feng shui, called Vaastu Shastra, which can be practiced in conjunction with Vedic Astrology and Aryvedic medicine. I am sure other great cultures have their equivalent healing systems as well.

One example of blending Chinese astrology with feng shui, is to consider the birth year of the occupant and see if they are inherently compatible with their house. In just one instance, the sitting side of the house (back side) will be aligned in a certain direction. That direction may or may not be harmonious for a particular occupant.

In Chinese astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs and they are each related to a particular range of direction. If someone was born in a year that opposes that direction, then the house type which matches it will undermine them.

Below is a list of the zodiac signs, the directions associated with them and the zodiac sign which opposes that direction.

Rat (North) 253-7 degrees Opposition Horse (South) 173-187 degrees

Ox (N/NE) 23-37 degrees Opposition Sheep (S/SW) 203-217 degrees

Tiger (E/NE) 53-67 degrees Opposition Monkey (W/SW) 233-247 degrees

Rabbit (East) 83-97 degrees Opposition Rooster (West) 263-277 degrees

Dragon (E/SE) 113-127 degrees Opposition Dog (W/NW) 293-307 degrees

Snake (S/SE) 143-157 degrees Opposition Pig (N/NW) 323-337 degrees

Here is an example of how to use this chart: let us say that you were born in the Year of the Rooster (1957, 1969, 1981). For you to live in a house which "sits" in the Rabbit direction of East would not be a good place for you in general. This is because The Rooster is associated with West and the Rabbit is associated with East. They are exact opposites and it can create tension.

Figuring this out requires a precise compass reading, but is worth checking out in order to avoid a negative feng shui predicament that really has no remedy and should just be avoided.

Another way to blend astrology with feng shui is in the construction phase of a project.

In the year 2004, it will be the Year of the Monkey. The Monkey is associated with the direction of W/SW. This is not dead-on Southwest, but hedging a little to the West. It is a fifteen-degree increment out of 24 possible directions. Since 2004 is the Year of the Monkey, it will be inauspicious, unlucky, and perhaps accident-prone to build a house which sits in the direction opposite the Monkey, which is the Tiger direction of E/NE.

Feng Shui adherents from Chinese culture have always taken into consideration both the timing and the direction for ground breaking and beginning important projects and this is one example that is pretty easy to figure out, without elaborate calculations.


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