Hallows Eve

The moon so full, lit the night

Cries from the raven kept from sight.

Mysterious beings walked in twos

Faces of the Macabre were their muse.

Ghosts, goblins witches and more

Creeping from sidewalk to sidewalk and door to door.

“Trick or treat!” Simultaneously they screamed,

As their torch cast shadows from the single beam.

Then, the screech of laughter came through loud and clear

And no one noticed as I wandered near;

The little fools for if only they knew

What this night really holds true.

The gates open and dimensions collide

And the ghastly ones look for places to hide.

We don’t want your house or grassy knoll

What we are here for is the better part of your soul,

So laugh it up and eat your treats

But on this hallows eve be careful of who you meet.



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