Summer’s almost gone, as Jim Morrison sang. And I know that I used that line before in an earlier piece, but that’s Morrison’s fault for penning such cool lyrics. I think of it every time another summer month blows by without warning. Before you know it, the season is over, the rain is upon us, and it couldn’t have come a moment too soon. But before the fall comes to claim the trees and sky, here are some heat-seeking missiles to pick up at your local music store.

Frank Black, Show Me Your Tears

Talk about buzz! Frank Black is making news again, but this time it’s not because he’s released two brilliant albums at the same time. No, the word on the street is that he’s seriously considering a Pixies reunion, and since they’re the band that more or less helped patent the pop-punk you hear all over the radio these days, you could forgive him for being a little distracted on the solo tip this time around.

There are no standout tracks on Show Me Your Tears, just the standard bar blues rock that the Stones -- and Frank -- have perfected on earlier releases. “Nadine” is a barnburner, but the rest of the album is a little light on the licks -- perhaps because Black is contemplating a future with Kim Deal in it. Now that would be worth a mediocre album. Hold that thought -- this time next year, you might be hearing the first Pixies album in over a decade.

Quasi, Hot Shit

Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss are a potent combination. Weiss -- who also plays in the legendary Sleater-Kinney -- is a percussive tornado, a powerhouse behind the drum kit -- and Coomes? Well, let’s just say the man’s got riffs, whether you’re talking about pianos or guitars. And he’s not afraid to use them either -- Hot Shit has more noodling and wankery that you can shake a Marshall stack at. But his virtuosity has more bright spots than dark, and sometimes he literally can take your breath away with his technical skill.

Add all of that up and you’ve got an album that literally lives up to its name. Full of ornate, sometimes minor-key masterpieces, Quasi’s latest release is the finest example of indie craftsmanship from two ex-spouses that you’ll ever hear. How often can you say that?

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