Houses are built within a twenty-year construction cycle and whenever a new twenty-year cycle begins, there will be 8 different construction cycle house types that will start a phase referred to as a Money Lock phase. This twenty-year period for the house, and the people who occupy it, indicates that money struggles will be more evident than in other years when this house is not in such a phase. Every single house at some point or another will embark on this twenty-year cycle, even houses that normally have fantastic energy.

Starting in February 2004, a new crop of homes and buildings will enter the Money Locked phase and listed here are the most recent of those house types:

a.. A structure built between 1844-1863 that faces Southeast
b.. A structure built between 1864-1883 that faces East
c.. A structure built between 1884-1903 that faces Southwest
d.. A structure built between 1904-1923 that faces North
e.. A structure built between 1924-1943 that faces South
f.. A structure built between 1944-1963 that faces Northeast
g.. A structure built between 1964-1983 that faces West
h.. A structure built between 1984-2003 that faces Northwest

Most of you will be noting the more recent time frames, such as the millions of houses built between 1944-1963.

Since this is a long term cycle (like a jail sentence), I usually try to dissuade clients from moving into a property like this at the beginning of the bad phase, unless they are able and willing to follow through with the remedy to off-set it. During a "locked phase," it is essential for the occupant to have generous amounts of water in clear view throughout many parts of the house. As an example, if someone had a view of their pool from several rooms in the house, that would be a partial remedy to the problem. Indoor water features are usually necessary as well, unless you live RIGHT on the beach. As an example: a 1930's house in Malibu that faces South, right next to the water, will not experience the Locked Phase in this upcoming cycle.

There are also some architectural layouts that can appease this Locked Phase, but overwhelmingly it is the sight and sound of water which can make this house normal and not undermining during the Locked Phase.

This holds true for commercial properties as well. If a large building has a fountain out front or in an atrium area, then they are already remedied for the Locked Phase.

It also depends on someone's station in life. For a retired person on little or no fixed income, this is not such a bad phase. It mostly affects self-employed individuals or companies who desire expansion in their financial enterprise.

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