Trina Garratt’s art reflects the diversity of both her training and experience. This New Zealand based Artist attended the Whitecliffe College of Art and Design and the Cut-Above Academy. From an early age, Trina’s love for movies and Special FX motivated her to pursue work in that industry. As a Special Makeup FX Artist she has worked on various movies, music videos, and television. Some of her credits include "Xena, Warrior Princess", and "Cleopatra 2525".

Working with mixed medias, sculpture, photography and body makeup, Trina exhibits her uniqueness in mood and style. Her talent with sculpture also brought her to contribute to the forensic science display for the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Recently Trina collaborated with Melanie FerDon and Connie Lene Johnston in an exhibition at The Quarry - Yvonne Rusk Gallery in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Trina is also regularly featured in the A Gallery of Artists site.

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