Travis Winn’s video work is presented both in projection and installation. The imagery is all digital, and the artist takes advantage of the nascent medium's vast editing possibilities. The images shift, pulsate and change in a way that removes them from the standard constraints of time and gravity. Travis's world, although journalistically real, is a place of multiplicity, saturated color, and rhythm. His pieces break with traditional narrative format: rather than being stories that posit, develop and consequentially resolve themselves, these works are experientially about time, space and memory. At the base of his project is Travis's aesthetic: colorful, optimistic, spiritual and bright but always rigorous and astute.

Travis's photography is inspired by the people and places he has encountered in his travels throughout the world. It is far more documentary realism than the hyper-saturated imagery of his video excursions. These photographs are from a journey in May and June of 2003 into Russia, Latvia and Estonia.

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